VOTE: Hottest Guys of the "It Gets Better" Series

By: Joe Thompson

When Dan Savage and husband Terry Miller started the "It Gets Better" campaign on YouTube, people were genuinely moved by the project. Having big name celebrities and everyday folks offering words of encouragement to victims of bullying made for a strong, powerful statement.

Then the tide changed.

IGB videos began popping up every day, and soon many of the celebrity-driven submissions started feeling less like messages of support and more like PR campaigns on a budget. Gay people in particular seemed to be over it, making jokes at parties or leaving negative comments whenever websites like this one posted the latest video; indeed, nowadays we only get e-mails about a new IGB video if it features a hot guy or guys.

So in light of the It Gets Better book being released in March, we decided to return attention to the project by featuring the hottest guys in 10 videos. Think of it as re-marketing the campaign in a way that gay male readers will pay attention to, and reminding people this amazing project is still important and still exists.







1. The Boys from Gap

Their names aren't given, but these two pupcakes made us take notice. One is at the top of the video and the other is approximately 30 seconds in. They're super sweet and probably the youngest nominees on the list.

Watch the video.

2. Gareth Thomas

The Welsh rugby superstar’s coming out has generated a storm of interest and maybe even a movie of his life. We know his muscles and tats, but his accent and personal story adds to the man's sexiness.

Watch the video.

3. Boston’s FLAG Flag Football League

There are a whole bunch of hotties in this one, but Chris and Mario appear around two minutes and they just seem so honest and cute. They also come from a butch great group. The Boston FLAG Flag Football league was founded twelve years ago as an outlet for LGBTQ individuals who wanted to get together and play football. Since then, it has grown into a community of more than 200 men and women— gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, or however people see themselves.

Watch the video.

4. John from Brothers and Sisters

It was amazing that the hit TV show's whole team worked together to make this video, but super cute Executive Assistant, John, appears at 50 seconds. His words are honest, and we just want to cuddle with his gingery deliciousness.

Watch the video.

5. Danny Miller

The English actor is best-known for his current role as Aaron Livesy in ITV soap opera Emmerdale, but he's also no stranger to gays. The above, right pic appeared on the cover of Attitude, England's biggest gay glossy mag.

Watch the video.

6. Mike Ruiz
The A-List star and celebrity photographer has always been a huge supporter of The Trevor Project, and seeing his hunky goodness using his fame to do good in this video was a real treat.

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7. The Boys of Broadway

The folks at Brodway Cares/Equity Fights AIDs, and Broadway Impact all got together to make this tribute—and it features some amazing talent. For us, though, the hotness hits at 41 seconds with Colman Domingo and at 1 minute, 7 seconds for Denis O’Hare. Encore!

Watch the video.

8. Jeremiah Brent

Jeremiah doesn't talk about what he does for a living, but we were able to dig up the model photo (above, right). We're good like that. But the point isn't just that he's dreamy, it's that his story involves coming out and finding the strength that comes with being true to yourself.

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9. Barry Jay

Barry Jay is the owner of Barry's Bootcamp, but what will surprise you is that he wasn't always the buff-bodied stud you see here. Indeed, his heartfelt and humorous video talks about his difficult childhood and how life didn't just get better, it got brilliant!

Watch the video.

10. A Doctor, a Lawyer, a Ph.D., and an Event Planner

Four Guys
Who doesn't love three smarties and a boy who hosts parties? Meet Ted, Ryan, Brock, and Mike, four Washington, DC residents who got together on a school night to make their video. While they get a couple points off for the bland background, what's really special is seeing them together and recognizing that these are friends living a full gay life. It's quite wonderful when you think about it.

Watch the video.