True Dating Confessions: Lies I've Told My Lovers


What is the biggest lie you ever told a date, and did you get caught or get away with it?
The biggest lie that I’ve told a date was not a lie per say, but a withholding of the truth. I didn’t tell him that I was HIV POZitive.

Sure I "got away” with it that night and we had great safe sex and all, but afterward he wanted to hang out and talk. So we did. I quickly realized this guy had the potential to be more than a trick, and when he went to leave he left me his number and told me to call.

It’s one thing to have a mutual “don’t ask/don’t tell” hook-up where little words are exchanged and you both pretend there is a world without AIDS... It’s when you really like someone that it hurts not to have told, because how can you face them again with a clear conscious after you’ve already done the deed? That’s when the lie becomes a monster.

I toiled over calling him for a long time, but eventually chickened out. After that I was haunted by my guilt because I didn’t disclose, but then I made a vow to myself. If I am having a date or more than just a quick trick, I swear to tell the men my status. So far, that honesty has led me to many more dates and a world without guilt.

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