True Dating Confessions


Hey Kids, Dear Richard here.

Lately you guys have been sending me some of your true stories—without asking for thoughts, opinions, or any of Dear Richard's wonderful pearls of gizzdom. So this got DR thinking: Why not put a bunch of these segments together and let vistors read your dating confessions?

Then Brodie, who's been with the company longer than DR, revealed that we had a True Dating Confessions column a while ago. Readers would pick a question to answer and send in their responses. And you guys loved them. So DR thought it was time to bring it back.

Check out these true stories from members and readers. You can also send us your story and we may run it on

What was your coming-out like?
It was a continuous process, first to my best friend (straight), who just hugged me and told me it was good to know. Then he asked if we were still going to be playing racket ball together. I then told my dad after he asked (during my 18th year) who I was bringing home for Thanksgiving dinner. I told him I was bringing my friend... Barry.

Dad wanted to know the nature of our relationship, so I explained, "Barry and I spend a lot of time together. He has a one bedroom apartment and sometimes I sleep over and I don't sleep on the sofa." Dad took a stiff drink and said, "Let's go tell your mother."

Describe your craziest drunk sex experience.
I was in a "Best Chest Contest" at a Toronto gay bar. The drag queen host kept buying us shots, and even though I lost I went home with the guy who won first place. After we'd done it I felt a little dizzy and went to the bathroom—butt naked— but when I came back to his room I couldn't spot the bed. I called out to him, a guy to my right sat up in bed, took a second and said, "His room's next door." On the upside, the roommate was cute and we hooked up a week later. Stonie_lee_8_20021214_1651887851

What were the best results from an online hookup?
I ended up meeting a guy that I'd seen for years on the commuter train and didn't know he was gay. It was a short but sweet involvement. We are still friends, though, are happily involved with other people, and now ride the train to work together every day.

Have you ever been caught dating more than one person at the same time?
I had scheduled two dates on the same day—one for coffee with a new guy in the afternoon, just in case it didn't go well, and then a dinner date that night with a guy I was on the fence about. The coffee date went so well we hooked up, but I had to pass on dinner and instead made plans with him for the next night. But on my second date the coffee guy happened to come into the same restaurant, saw me on my date with the other guy, and never called me again. I always regret that. Now I always tell guys if I have other dates going on, just so that they know what's up.

Have you ever had beer goggles?
One 4th of July weekend I got tanked and went home with a super hot guy. Then I passed out in his bed before we could do anything. When I woke up with a killer hangover the next morning I felt like such an ass. But then I saw him and realized he was nothing like I'd thought from the night before; this guy had a face like a smacked ass, horrible breath, and creepy hands. When he tried to get busy with me, I faked getting sick from the booze, grabbed my clothes and took off.

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