Hot Host Gifts: Little Presents That Make a Huge Impression


As manners and traditions fall to the wayside in modern life, it's nice to hold onto a few sentimental gestures of civility.

As long as they're relatively simple to uphold, of course.

And while you don't need to dress to the nines, formally announce your arrival, or know your waltzes to be considered a good party guest these days, making the classy move to bring your host(s) a gift is one of those easy, eloquent practices of etiquette worth keeping alive.

Flowers_in_a_vase1 With a small token as simple as wine or flowers, you can show gratitude and appreciation for the invitation and enjoyment you're about to share. Plus, it makes a last impression of grace and thoughtfulness on your host(s). This can be a valuable step up if you happen to be socializing with, say, important friends and family members of your significant other, business associates, or social/political organization peers.

Giving an appropriate and affordable host gift can be hard, but these small special somethings will leave any host very happy. You can feel good about giving the perfect host gift at all your summer parties this season.

Ft_dec04msl06_xl Home style - Go with the good word of the master, Martha Stewart. The lifestyle mogul suggest wrapping up homemade quick breads, potted rosemary trees, scented sugars, homemade vanilla extract (upgrade it: make them vanilla infused vodka), spiced nuts, and so much more. All semi-easy to make, low cost, and sure to be appreciated for the special thought.

Traditional charm - Traditional host gifts like fine candles, monogrammed linen napkins, stationary, imported teas, and french milled soaps are beautiful; not boring. They're also incredibly easy to stock up on and store in the closet, ensuring you're never caught without the perfect last minute present.

TEZGBFW46RS8ML246MT8_L Personalized perfection - These personalized presents require a bit more forethought, to be ordered in advance for a particular person, but they're awesome for the favorite aunt or fabulous friend who is always inviting you over for yummy home-cooked meals. Show them how much you appreciate their hospitality with a personalized kitchen item like a carving board, beverage cooler, set of coasters, or monogrammed mugs.

Mld103890_1208_fudge_mallow_xl Good things come in small packages - This gift is intended to to be only a small token of your appreciation; nothing like a wedding or birthday present! There is no need to go all out on a large, showy, or expensive gift. But don't just grab any cheap treat and slap a bow on it. For example, it's far better to give a small box of just a few artisan chocolates than a big bag of Mars store-bought candy, even though they may cost roughly the same price.

Don't feel overwhelmed picking a gift if you don't know the host too well, it really is the thought that counts and just making the effort will set you in a class above less thoughtful guests.

If you know the host well, a personal gift speaks volumes. Pick up a comic book for a geek fan boy friend, Asian marinades and spices for an adventurous cook, vintage film for a shutterbug, or a classic DVD for a cinephile. And remember, you can never go wrong with a nice bottle of wine or fresh, vibrant flowers.

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