NightWave Makes Sleepless Nights Disappear

By: Brodie

There are a million reasons we loose sleep every night. Stressors like increased workloads at the office, relationship woes, financial struggles, family drama, and addicting TV shows available instantly to imbibe en mass via Netflix can all keep you up - quite literally- all night.

But any busy adult will tell you, without sleep, you simply can’t handle all the demands of a full and busy life. Let the NightWave Sleep Assistant help you fall asleep faster than ever before or get back to sleep quickly when insomnia rears its unwelcome head.

NightWave silently guides you in a pre-sleep relaxation session in the privacy of your own bedroom. It’s like having your own personal sleep coach. Like most people, I was skeptical at anything with “all natural sleep aid” on the box, but like many testimonials available on the NightWave website, after just a few nights, I was totally addicted to the blue light lulling me to sleep. 181341_10150175167029638_240268549637_8646145_8053823_n

It’s a surprisingly simple, if somewhat hard to believe, effective process that shuts down your racing mind while deeply relaxing your body:

NightWave projects a soft blue light into your darkened bedroom. The “luminance” of the light slowly rises and falls. You lie with eyes open and synchronize your breathing with the wave of soft light as its movement becomes slower and slower. After a short time, NightWave shuts off and you roll over and fall asleep.

And perhaps best of all, unlike noisy sound machines, the NightWave’s light is completely unobtrusive. This came in especially handy since my significant other started a new job that puts us on opposing schedules. I was able to overcome my resistance to falling asleep without him at night, and when he gets home well after 2 AM, he sets his own NightWave in motion without disturbing my sleep. The sleep aid even shuts off automatically after 7 or 25 minutes, by which time you’ll be fast asleep. And unlike prescription sleeping pills; no groggy mornings, no out of body Ambien-fueled crazy talk, and no harmful addictive ingredients.

The handy gadget we can’t live without also can be set for mood lighting, flashlight, and mood softener, to use during the day to relax your heartbeat—a setting that has proved powerful against my own mild anxiety.

If you’re tired of fighting a losing battle in bed for restful nights, try NightWave and get a good night’s rest already!