Positive & Proud Deciding Moments: Duane

By: Joe Thompson

"Deciding Moments" are videos produced by Greater Than AIDS, an organization dedicated to reducing the spread of HIV. These short segments spotlight people who are taking a stand against HIV— to be "greater than" the disease.

Today's video is from Duane, who found out he was positive in 1996. While Duane had been dating an HIV-positive man, the couple religiously had safe sex throughout their relationship. But after the break-up, Duane met a man who was HIV positive and they had unprotected sex one time; thirty days later he tested positive.

And yet through that tragedy, Duane has chose to be greater than HIV. He explains, "Every time I visit with my niece and four nephews – and other young people – I make the opportunity to talk openly with them about sex, drugs, and HIV. Through my lens – no one is too young or too old to have an honest conversation about HIV/AIDS and how to make educated choices to stay healthy.  In the words of my favorite poet Maya Angelou– ”When you know better you do better.”'

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