Tips For a Perfect Summer Picnic

By: Michael Matson

For many, picnics conjure up happy childhood memories of summers spent in the park with family. But a well-planned picnic also makes for a very romantic date that feels like a bite-size vacation from reality. And prepping for an outdoor rendevous is easier than you might think. Check out the tips below to create the perfect summer picnic.

1. Ditch the heavy, oversize cooler and travel light by freezing bottles of water and juice for a few hours beforehand so your beverages are perfectly cool when the picnic begins (do not attempt this with soda). Disposable plates and cutlery will also significantly lighten the load (we recommend the biodegradable variety) as does replacing condiment bottles with packets from fast-food restaurants. 

2. Create additional ambiance by choosing a traditional red-and-white checkered tablecloth, a handsome picnic basket, and perhaps a sumptuous centerpiece. A simple bowl of flowers will do the trick.

3. Ensure you date’s comfort in the great outdoors by stocking up on powerful insect repellent, napkins and sunblock. Also, consider bringing a small plastic tarp to place under the tablecloth in the event that the destination is wet or muddy.

4. Prepare a menu with delicious cheeses, fruits, veggies and French bread (and perhaps a bottle of red wine of two). If cocktails are on the menu, prepare them with everything but the ice, bring it in a bottle and chill the drinks when your date is ready. And don’t forget the watermelon: No picnic is complete without it!

5. Pack your hot foods in insulated containers, which will ensure that they keep warm over an extended period of time. Pack any refrigerated foods right before leaving for the picnic.