My Balance: Mike Gilbride

By: Brandon Voss

Name: Mike Gilbride
Profession: Advertising/Media Sales 

If you regularly show face in New York's gay social scene, chances are that you already know Mike Gilbride, a genial good time who's as smart as he is sexy. But you might not be aware that by day, when his playtime superhero costumes are at the cleaners, Mike's a publishing powerhouse in ad/media sales and founder of DLNQNT, a popular culture blog he says was inspired by "conversations with friends who wanted to hear new music, read funny content not sourced from Reddit, and be armed with new things to discuss at dinner parties." During a recent post-work happy hour, he shared his secrets to success and synergy. You balance a full-time job with DLNQNT, your passion project. What does a busy work week look like for you?
Mike Gilbride: A blur. Every day is completely different. Managing a career that involves a lot of meetings, strategizing, and evening client events while getting a digital culture blog off the ground binds me to the cloud. I balance a list of 30 tasks against my daily calendar — from picking up dry-cleaning to programming code — but having my files, calendars, and to-do lists beeping me along from task to task is my trick. The only constant is that Dionne Warwick wakes me up at 5:30am and Jon Stewart sends me to bed.

How do you manage your career and a website while still sleeping well, eating right, and staying in such great shape?
You can "have it all," but not all at the same time. My latest experiment in balance trades off morning coffee for morning cardio; if it lasts is yet to be determined...

With such a busy schedule, how do you make time for your friends and a love life?
Companies are designed to maximize your output; if you don't set your boundaries, work will set them for you. I'm very lucky to have friends ready for a good time, anytime. I just have to be a good boy, eat my greens, and get my work done before we open the library. My boyfriend and I have standing dates on Fridays and Sundays; we work different schedules, so it can be hard to spend some well earned QT during the week, but we never miss our date nights. My friends have been there for me through jobs, boyfriends, and periods of inflated self-importance; a friend in need always trumps anything I have scheduled to do — period.

How do you blow off steam after an intense work period?
Kettle Bells. Laughing. Sleeping. A nice cold beer. Not necessarily in that order.

What advice would you give to an ambitious person who feels like they have no time for healthy living and relaxation? 
1.) The core of my spirituality rests in hours of DVRed Oprah — make the time. 2.) Commit more to calories you eat than the calories you burn; you won't always have the time to work out, but you will always have to get around to eating. 3.) If you can't maintain your poise, posture, and patience, re-work your lifestyle until you can. 4.) This is your world... shape it or someone will shape it for you.

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