How to Keep Your Relationship Exciting

By: Levi Chambers

In many ways, the first year of a relationship is often the most stimulating. During this time, you’ll discover your lover — inside and out — and build a foundation that could lead to lifelong love. But, what happens after the honeymoon phase ends and the exhilaration passes? Some couples fall into a rut and have a tough time reigniting the fire in their relationship. Sex can become routine and boring, which could make your relationship seem dull. Luckily, you can easily boost the enthusiasm between you and your partner and revitalize the passion.

So, what can you do to reawaken the love craze?

Exercise: Working out and watching your diet will obviously improve the way you look, which will be a sexy surprise for your partner. In addition, it will lift your confidence and that’s incredibly attractive.

Sleep naked: Stripping down before bed is sexy, irresistible and has health benefits. Skin-on-skin contact releases oxytocin (the feel good hormone), and will lead to spur-of-the-moment sexy time.