A Little Off the Top: Serving It Up!

By: Chris Bair

Serving It Up!
Set, Match, Point!

Being a fashionable, well-groomed gentleman means taking care of yourself, from your physical health to your image and all the way to your soul. You can buy the right things, wear the right cloths, and do the proper workouts, but that is just the start to feeling good. You also have to work on what goes on in your head.

I’ve thought a lot about what I could do to challenge myself this spring! Giving back and being of service is always a fulfilling way to help others and help yourself. There are so many ways to do this nowadays, and I’ve decided to hit multiply birds with one stone by getting fit and helping out others less fortunate in our community. I’m going to be a Concrete Hero!

This is the first fundraising event of its kind in Los Angeles, a 5K urban obstacle course through the city happening on July 15th. I’ll be running through "carmageddon," scaling the Hollywood Sign and traversing the La Brea Tar Pits. It is a unique, challenging and fun way to support AIDS Project Los Angeles (www.APLA.org) and keep my body and mind in shape. For more info on this LA event, visit www.concretehero.org.

I challenge all of you readers to find something in your part of the world that incorporates getting healthy, helping others and challenging your mind, body and soul. Walk, bike, run, climb, swim— hell, crawl your way to better physical and mental health! Here are couple events I found through a simple search.

In New York, San Francisco, Wisconsin and Los Angeles you can walk with the AIDS Walk (www.aidswalk.net). In Atlanta there's Aids Walk Atlanta (www.aidswalkatlanta.com). And in Boston, you can walk and run with the AIDS Walk & 5K Run (www.aac.org). In Miami, you could ride from Miami to Key West on The Smart Ride (www.thesmartride.org).

There are countless other events in other cities. Check out your neck of the woods, get off your butt and move forward!

BTW, if you live in Los Angeles and want to join, donate or support us, I’ve started “Team Shorty’s Barber Shop”! We’re making new friends, helping others and have an amazing time doing it!

A Little Off the Top. Chris Bair is owner of the award-winning, trendsetting Shorty’s Barber Shop and Public Service salon in California. Always observing and sharing new trends that make for interesting twists and turns in culture and lifestyle, Bair is a regular contributor to Gay.net. For more information on Bair’s shops, visit www.shortysbarbershop.com and www.publicservicela.com, or follow him on Twitter @shortysbarber.