Must-Hit: "Winston Gieseke: Accidentally Overserved"

By: Rick Andreoli

People say that you should help your friends out—like when they're moving, painting their apartment, or going to see them in a show. We totally support that concept, but in this case we think you should, too.

Winston Gieseke is a contributing writer on, an editor at The Advocate, and an incredibly talented singer and performer. When we met Winston we didn't know about these extra-curricular skills, but after hearing him sing popular ballads at parties or performing The National Anthem before a Dodger Game (true story), we realized this guy's got some great singing chops.

He's also got a new show in Hollywood, and since we're burned out on bars and looking for something alternative and fun to do, this looks like the perfect weekend pick. At "Winston Gieseke: Accidentally Overserved" you'll hear his intoxicating vocal stylings as he puts an unorthodox spin on everything from Loretta Lynn to Lady Gaga to Edith Piaf. The show features Julie Myers and special guest Pam Downing. If you're in LA next weekend, this is sure to be gay ground zero for good times.

Friday, November 18
Saturday, November 19
8:00pm - both nights
Doors open at 7:00 p.m.

M Bar Hollywood
1253 N. Vine Street
(at Fountain)


$10 bucks cover
$10 food minimum