Nasty Pig Serves Up 'Choice Cuts'

By: Brett Edward Stout

Photos: Michael Alexander
Left, the author with fans at the Nasty Pig "Choice Cuts" event.

On March 15th the pigs came out to play with the boys from Nasty Pig, the sexy clothing brand that defines unabashed masculinity and the raw, rubbery underbelly of male fashion. On the menu for this exclusive after-hours event was a look at the label’s new line, Choice Cuts.

Cocktails by Balls Vodka, a beat spun by DJ Chad Jack, and a host of brand employees and fans filled the small headquarters near the corner of 19th St and 8th Avenue in Manhattan. The ever-popular Jay Roth, employee and some might say artificial mascot of the brand, smiled and carried on with the crowd, baring his lean flanks in one of the label’s signature, one-of-a-kind “shredder” shirts.

“Our ‘Choice Cuts’ line encapsulates the limited edition pieces that Nasty Pig offers exclusively through our flagship location in New York City," said CEO and founder, David Lauterstein (pictured here with two attendees). "Some styles are limited runs, while other pieces are truly one-of-a-kind. Our fans love to know that when they come to our store they can get pieces that aren't available anywhere else. Well, until we get knocked off, of course,” he adds with a smirk.

Among the fashion faithful in attendance were some of the faces that have been synonymous with Nasty Pig from its very beginning: Lauterstein’s long-time partner and creative director Freddy, sales guru Isaac, and Lauterstein’s “right hand man” Dieter, to name a few.

“While our designs are always evolving, we work very hard to stay true to our original vision for Nasty Pig. One of the reasons why people have been paying more attention to us recently is that we've never betrayed our brand promise, while constantly coming up with new looks for our customers. Our audience connects with our ‘Do You’ attitude.”

And the new clothes serve up attitude with gusto. Rubber “mud flaps,” leather wrist cuffs, and stainless steel necklaces are just some of the new territory the brand has expanded into. “We're really proud of these accessories, which are hand-made in New York. They're a next step for our brand, and they represent our attitude completely,” said Dave Hughes, Nasty Pig's VP of Marketing & PR. These new pieces are all in addition to the body hugging denim, sleeveless form-fitting shirts, body-conscious briefs and athletic cut hoodies most fans associate with Nasty Pig.

The designs of Nasty Pig are less “everyman” and more “active man,” and on this night those folks were eager to check out the company's latest wares. And that was the whole point. As Hughes says, “Since our fans are the reason why we get to make clothes at all, we thought it was natural to throw them a little party to mark the occasion."

Check out photos of the store party along with some of Nasty Pig's new "Choice Cuts" line in the slide show below.

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