Massive Vegas Nightclub Seeks To Snatch New York's Gay Nightlife Tiara

By: Daniel Villarreal

Back in the 1990s, every town wanted the world's biggest mall. In the 2000s, they wanted the world's biggest sports arena. Andnow in the 2010s, they want the world's biggest gay bar.

Well, if Las Vegas' Krave Nightclub moves into the 80,000 square-foot, 14 screen Galaxy 11 multiplex movie theater on the third floor of the huge-ass Neonopolis shopping mall downtown this December, Sin City could have the world's largest gay nightclub ever on Earth ever.

After opening a successful drag queen bowling alley called "Drink & Drag," Krave owner Kelly Murphy plans on spending up to $2.25 million in renovations to create Krave Massive, a club with an outdoor
swimming pool, a hip-hop room, a country western room, a Latin room, a main dance floor, a martini lounge, a movie theatre, a performing arts space and a gay comedy club called Tickled Pink.

Which reminds us: you know how to triple the seating in a gay bar? Turn all the stools upside down! Ba-dum!

Anyway... Murphy expects the bar to draw about 12,000 people per week and to help "knock New York out of the number one spot for gays and lesbians in the United States.”

If he includes a gay casino and a gay chicken farm in his new club, he might have a real shot.