Goodbye Brent Corrigan, Hello Sean Paul Lockhart!

By: Jase Peeples

The newly released anthology Chillerama is a campy homoerotic horror flick, a festival of gore, guts, and goofiness unlike any other. It features plenty of laughs in the film’s four stories, which include Wadzilla, the tale of an evil giant sperm that terrorizes New York City; The Diary of Anne Frankenstein, a WWII spoof featuring a fey Hitler; and Zom-B-Movie, a perverted spoof on the classic genre. However, the standout short is I Was A Teenage Werebear, an over-the-top musical romp—think Grease meets Evil Dead—that stars Sean Paul Lockhart, a.k.a. gay porn star Brent Corrigan.

Yes, Lockheart is going mainstream. Does that mean Brent Corrigan is going away? The porn star-turned-legit actor bares all. How did you become involved with Chillerama?
Sean Paul Lockhart: I was recommended by director Todd Stephens. He and I did Another Gay Sequel together, and he went to film school with Werebear / Chillerama director Tim Sullivan.

Tim struggled to cast the lead in I Was A Teenage Werebear because most "respectable" actors were too afraid to take the chance, and anyone else was not quite right for it. Tim [asked] the other filmmakers involved about how they would feel if I came on board. They were completely open-minded to me taking on the lead in Werebears. I just had to nail the video audition. Which I guess I did okay considering they ended up giving me the part!

Were you a fan of horror films?
I've always been drawn to more psychological thrillers. I grew up watching movies from The Leprechaun series andChild's Play. Actually, I really love zombie movies, mostly because I'm fascinated by the human plight in the face of worldwide catastrophe.

I can't handle [horror films that are] too graphic, unless it doesn't look too real. One of my favorites is Identity. I also liked the first Saw film because it was creepier more than it was pornographic; after that I stopped watching them. They are just way too much for me!

I Was A Teenage Werebear is also a musical. Did you take any singing or acting classes to prepare for it?
Oh, I wish! I was mortified that I would have to sing. The acting thing, well, I have a lot to learn but there's enough natural ability there that I do alright. Preparation and rehearsal only lasted a week before we went to set, a chunk of time that was made even smaller when we had to recast my love.

It took us three recording sessions to get my songs right. I did playback to the original songwriter/composer's music on set when we filmed. I'm ecstatic because no one can tell that I am lip-synching to someone else's vocals in the picture. We weren't able to put in my actual voice until the very end of post production. My sound for the movie is not what I am most proud of, but it does fit the part: a stressed, hormonal and confused high school wrestler.

Did your co-stars treat you differently because of your previous work in adult films?
You know, I've been largely lucky in that department. If anyone had a problem with my background as an adult star I sure didn't get that sense at any time. A lot of the other actors have been fascinated about the differences. They ask a lot of questions and they want to understand it.

I think it helps that I'm not just your average porn boy. I let people get comfortable with me, we get to know one another a little, before I just blurt out the intimate details of my previous career. It usually helps if they know me before they know the rest. That way they are basing their opinion on their experiences and not just where I've been in my life.

You said “previous career,” and this is the 9th mainstream film you’ve worked on.
Has it been that many?

Three from this year alone. Will fans be seeing less of Brent and more of Sean from now on?
I’ve got at least another three shooting in 2012. I'm busy enough that I'm not even thinking about taking auditions right now. That's nice because I have a lot to learn when it comes to giving a great audition!

Brent Corrigan is on hiatus. I haven't filmed any adult work in 3 years and haven't released anything in just as many. The adult world and my adult fans have been really great to me. I owe them everything and I know it. I merely hope that whatever they saw that was "special" or interesting about me can be transferred.

I still make appearances as Brent Corrigan, I still sell my toy line through Fleshjack, and I still write my blog at I consider these things my "day job," the work that keeps me open and fluid enough to travel for my mainstream projects, take time to study my acting, and so on.

I am [also] very close to launching The focus is on a more mainstream direction. I'd like to separate the imagery of my adult career from my mainstream one. Again, it's not an effort to hide anything, just a need to make sure unsuspecting surfers aren't getting an eye-full of something they don't expect when I drop the news about a new project or article. I'm also bringing back an article thread called "Indie Induced.” It's a column that centers on all things queer and indie: a dissection and mild critique of what has come before and what's to come. Mostly it will give me a chance to write about something other than myself for once. A person can grow very tired of talking about themself!

Check out this exclusive clip of Sean singing “Room for All” from I was a Teenage Werebear. (Only available on