Kathleen Turner is a Catholic Mom Troubled by Lesbian Daughter in 'The Perfect Family'

By: Michael Matson

Variety described Kathleen Turner's performance in The Perfect Family as "a tour-de-force." Judging by this trailer for the film, which opens May 4th, the publication may be right. This looks to be the Oscar-winner's most satisfying performance since Serial Mom.

Turner plays Eileen Cleary, a wife and mother of two adult children who has been nominated by her church for Catholic Woman of the Year. To secure the award, Cleary tries to prove she has the "perfect" family by refusing to accept them for who they are.

Eileen complaines that her husband Frank (Michael McGrady) is an alcoholic, and unsuccessfully disguises herself with sunglasses and an oversized hat to spy on her son (Jason Ritter) committing adultery. But her daughter Shannon (Emily Deschanel—Zooey's big sister) sticks the biggest thorn in Eileen's side by marrying her girlfriend.

After Shannon announces her engagement to Angela (Angelique Cabral), one of the film's best exchanges takes place:

Eileen: "You're living in sin!"
Shannon: "Says who?"
Eileen: "The Pope."
Shannon: What do you think?"
Eileen: I don't have to think. I'm Catholic."

Check out the complete trailer below.