Lenny Kravitz Based 'Hunger Games' Character on Bisexual Friend

By: Michael Matson

Movieline recently asked musician/actor Lenny Kravitz if he thinks Cinna, his character in The Hunger Games, is gay.

"I have no idea,” Kravitz confessed. “I played him right in the middle, and one of the inspirations is a friend of mine, actually, who I grew up with. He’s bisexual and you could think he’s gay, you could think he’s straight, you’re not really sure. It’s very subtle. You wouldn’t know it, but Cinna’s speech patterns and the way he enunciates was kind of based on this person that’s just a friend of mine, who I thought was a good example."

In addition to sharing the inspiration for his character, Kravitz revealed he's as fit and foxy as ever in a new photo (left) published in Interview magazine. Seriously, the guy is 47 years old!

Check out Kravitz as Cinna with Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in the clip below.

Photo: Gregory Harris