And the Sexiest Spider-Man is…

By: Jase Peeples

Comic-Con International kicks off this week, and in honor of the event many refer to as “Geek Pride,” we’ve decided to settle one geeky debate that's got gays gabbing.

It’s time for Maguire Vs. Garfield: Who Made the Sexier Spider-Man?

But before you cast your vote, let's take a look at the superhero swagger both boys brought to the role of old Web Head.


Toby Maguire
There was a loud THUD heard around the world on May 3rd of 2002. No, it wasn’t a natural disaster or the crash of planes falling from the sky. It was the sound of millions of gay geeks’ jaws hitting the ground when a shirtless Toby Maguire was projected across the silver screen for the first time in Spider-Man. In addition to Maguire’s beefed up bod, those big blue eyes and iconic Hollywood smile shot the actor to the top of the list of guys who made gay geeks swoon. His spot-on performance of the awkward Peter Parker melted our nerdy little hearts and kept us coming back for two more high-flying sequels.


Andrew Garfield
This pupcake proved he had the acting chops (and good looks) to win us over in The Social Network, but it wasn’t until we saw just how super he filled out the spidey-suit (just look at that ass) that we knew we were caught in his web. Maguire left some big boots to fill after he retired from the role of the web-slinger, but Garfield managed to not only give us a Peter Parker/Spider-Man for a new era, he served a spin on the superhero that felt as familiar as it was fresh. As Peter, Garfield made brains look sexy like no other and he pulled off the shy quiet type brilliantly in The Amazing Spider-Man. We totally buy his Peter Parker as the guy who is completely unaware of the fact that he’s hot – and that only makes us want him more.


Which Hollywood hottie made the sexier superhero?

Cast your vote below.