Is There Really Gonna Be A Magic Mike Musical?

By: Daniel Villarreal

Having realized that gay men like movies about male strippers (duh), Magic Mike director Steven Soderbergh and lead actor Channing Tatum have begun producing a Broadway version of Magic Mike for summer 2013.

It'll be the Cabaret of our generation! Or then again, maybe not.

The plans seem very "in the works" at this point, so file this under possible rather than definite. But if the musical actually does happen, Manhattan will effectively convert one of its theaters into the premiere venue for bachelorette parties and gay pub crawls.

We can't wait to see the onstage performances of such Magic Mike soundtrack songs as "Sassy Sexy Wiggle," "Mo Cash!" and "Wash U Clean."

Plus, the musical will surely stay true to the original film and show Magic Mike's mancakes and Big Dick RIchie's pendulous love hammer. If they don't, it'll totally ruin the artistic integrity of the show.