Gay Scrooge Remake Brings Cheer, Ex-Playgirl Model Ronnie Kroell

By: Daniel Villarreal

Yeah, it's hot enough outside to make a Yorkshire Terrier burst into flames, but the makers of Marley and Scrooge want you to get into the holiday spirit and help support their gay remake of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol."

They've just released a movie trailer for their "Christmas in July" fundraising campaign to help cover post-production costs.

And even though we sometimes act like snow queens, the Marley and Scrooge trailer melted our icy black hearts (just a bit) with its upbeat cheer and spirited queens.

No, literally, some of the queens in this movie are actual spirits.

They have to convince Ebeneezer to stop Scrooge-ing people over... or else he'll face a Sharon Needles-type demon with broaches for eyes who will drag him to fashion victim hell where everyone wears khaki and burlap for eternity—shit is scary, y'all.

But you might recognize a few friendly faces in the trailer including former Saturday Night Live member Tim Kazurinsky, perennial funny man Bruce Vilanche and Ronnie Kroell who you might recall from Bravo's Make Me a Supermodel or from his June 2010 nakey pics in Playgirl.

Our stock's gonna be stuffed with eye candy, it seems, plus some steamy make out scenes and a handful of musical numbers.

And of course there will ultimately be the lovable, lamentable Tiny Tim to remind us that—even with poor parents and a permanent limp—life is pretty wonderful sometimes.