See The Amazing Gay Kickstarter Trailer That Raised $384,375 In A Month

By: Daniel Villarreal

Shane Bitney's tear-jerking viral video about the death of his fiancee Tom Bridegroom helped launch a Kickstarter campaign for a related documentary.

That campaign, which ended this last week, raised more money more quickly than any other in Kickstarter history.

With the help of the film's producer, Designing Women producer Linda Bloodworth Thomason, Bitney and company will use the funds to obtain better music, do more shots on location and try to release the film in as wide a circulation as possible before the November elections.

“This is more than we could have ever hoped for," Crone said, "including the tremendous support we got from organizations like GLAAD and people like George Takei, Neil Patrick Harris, Sara Gilbert, Fran Dresher, Denise Richards and Piers Morgan."

He continued, “As the debate over Marriage Equality comes to a head, we would like to get Bridegroom out before the election. Our hope and belief is that Tom’s and my story will change hearts and minds in a way that no film or lecture ever could.”