'Scenes From A Gay Marriage' Serves Up Hunks And Hilarity

By: Daniel Villarreal

Darren can't sleep because of the happily married gay couple upstairs. You see, he can hear them having sex through his apartment's air ducts.

Like, a lot of sex, every night.

He tries to ignore them at first, but soon he begins a friendship with one and obsessed with the suspicion that the other is having an affair. Thus begins Darren's quest for the truth by surveilling, snooping and basically stalking them.

His ex-boyfriend and gal pal both think he's going a little nuts. But thank goodness Darren's handsome maintenance man hasn't caught on... yet.

You see, Darren is a character in Matt Riddlehoover's upcoming romantic comedy Scenes From A Gay Marriage. Riddlehoover, the film's writer and director, also plays Darren in an apparent star-vehicle which could become a gay rom-com classic if the film is as funny or sexy as its trailer below.

Though the film's title alludes to Ingmar Bergman's comi-tragic TV series and subsequent film Scenes From A Marriage, Riddlehoover is much more a comedian than a dramatist.

His earlier screenplay, Return to Babylon (which will soon hit theaters and stars Jennifer Tilly) revisits the silent era of 1920s Hollywood using equal parts scandal, satire and slapstick. However, he's added a good dose of gay hotness in his latest work.

Plus, it features actor Jared Allman as the hunky maintenance man—who you might have seen in Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys—and silver-daddy Domiziano Arcangeli who appeared in BrĂ¼no among other notable art flicks.

Buzz over the film has just started, but keep an eye on it—your funny bone will thank you for it.