Who's Stealing Sex Toys From the Set of 'Behind the Candelabra'?

By: Brandon Voss

Not long after spreading the word that Liberace's ghost was haunting the set of Behind the Candelabra, HBO's upcoming Liberace biopic, the National Enquirer is now reporting — so it must be true! — that sex toys keep mysteriously disappearing from the set, including "vibrators, dildos, fur-lined handcuffs, pep-boy pumps, etc.” Pep-boy pumps? What kind of movie is Steven Soderbergh making here?

The strange thefts from the star-studded film's set, which happens to be Zsa Zsa Gabor's Bel Air mansion, has apparently forced assistants to run to the Hustler store to buy replacements at least six times.

The most ludicrous part of the Enquirer's story is that Behind the Candelabra stars Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, who play Liberace and his lover Scott Thorson, are supposedly blaming each other for the missing props. Our money's on Liberace's mischievous horny ghost!