The Best Way to Stalk Your Favorite Go-Go Boy

By: Brandon Voss

Best known for the celebrated 2008 gay musical fantasy Were the World Mine, SPEAKproductions filmmakers Tom Gustafson and Cory Krueckeberg are currently working on The Go Doc Project, a feature about a recent college grad who craftily devises to shoot a documentary about New York City nightlife in order to meet the go-go boy with whom he’s cyber-obsessed. Why the hell didn't we think of that ruse?

Described as “a hybrid of documentary and narrative forms,” The Go Doc Project will explore the evolution of a relationship between the two young men, who are played by real-life go-go boy Matthew Camp and Were the World Mine’s Tanner Cohen.

Assuming the filmmakers raise enough funds through their Kickstarter campaign, the reality-blurring movie will begin shooting around NYC later this month with a goal of playing the festival circuit in early 2013. So grab some singles and start stuffing!