What’s the Pope Doing in That Bel Ami Gay Adult Film?

By: Jase Peeples

It looks like the Pope will certainly have something to confess this week.

Reports have surfaced that Pope Benedict XVI was tricked into blessing two porn actors who were dressed as priests while filming a new Bel Ami gay adult movie in Vatican City.

Gay porn producer, and Bel Ami founder, George Duroy, announced in an online forum that video of the moment will be included in the Bel Ami film titled Scandal in Vatican.

According to Gay Star News:

The new film, Scandal in Vatican, is going to be released in September. It is the story of a couple of young priests, dressed as Catholic clerical students, who enjoy their sex experiences in the little country in the heart of Italy’s capital, Rome.

And viewers will see Pope Benedict XVI blessing the main actors in a Vatican meeting. The Pope didn’t know about their jobs and, according to producer Duroy, the scene will be the film’s most interesting part.

The Italian press speculates that the Vatican may seek compensation for the scandalous footage with a lawsuit and points out the Bel Ami actors could become the new Pussy Riot – the pro-gay Russian punk rock band who were jailed after protesting in a church.

Do you think Bel Ami crossed a line or should the Vatican turn the other cheek?