Hero Of The Week: Finally, A Gay, Disabled Romantic Lead

By: Daniel Villarreal

Out of all the cinematic love stories you've seen, how many romantic leads have been gay men in wheelchairs?

We're guessing none, which is what makes Michael D. Akers' new film Morgan so revolutionary—it may be the first time ever that audiences see a gay disabled person on screen, let alone playing a romantic lead.

And considering that there's few statistics or films depicting the lives of disabled LGBT people, this part of our community has been all but invisible in the public imagination... until now.

As far as the story goes: Life seems pretty bleak when a racing accident turned bicyclist Morgan into a paraplegic. That is, until Morgan meets Dean at a basketball court.

But after falling in love, Morgan gets a second chance to compete in the race that put him in a wheelchair. Can Morgan's heart take it, and will his newfound love stick around to find out?

San Diego Gay and Lesbian News asked Akers whether his wheelchair-bound lead would limit the film's appeal. Here's what Akers said:

"We all have something in our lives: loss of a loved one, divorce, unemployment, an accident, something that takes away a piece of ourselves so we feel like we don’t know ourselves anymore and we have to rebuild. That’s the relevance of MORGAN. We were moving ahead again.

Morgan already won a few awards during its time on the festival circuit this summer. The DVD comes out October 23rd via TLA Video.

It is, without exaggeration, a historic piece of LGBT film history. And the two leads aren't so hard on the eyes either.