Can Best Friends Work as Lovers in 'North Sea Texas'?

By: Daniel Villarreal

For everyone who ever had a crush on their best friend, Defurne's Bavo new film North Sea, Texas is for you.

The film follows follows the 15-year-old artist Pim as he develops a crush on Gino, the older motorcycle enthusiast next door. Gino likes Pim too, but when Gino eventually gets a girlfriend, Pim has to decide whether to pine after Gino, go for Gino's perpetually infatuated younger sister or put the moves on the hunky carnival worker staying at his house.

The plot may sound like a wacky rom-com, but it's actually a poignant coming-of-age story told mostly from Pim's day-dreaming point of view and beautifully shot on the coast of some unnamed Belgian town. The subtle performances and true-to-life scenarios may remind you of your first crush and awkward adolescence, in all their wondrous, heart-aching splendor.