WATCH: 'Hitchcock' Trailer

By: Brett Edward Stout

The Internet has been fluttering with Oscar buzz. Films like Afleck’s rescue pic Argo and the Wichowsky’s epic Cloud Atlas are definitely deserving of the attention they are getting, but another film may be the picture to capture the hearts of gay American film lovers everywhere: Hitchcock.

Take a carefully tempered screenplay, mix with the finest historical cinema, and smother it with the star-power of Hopkins, Collette, Mirren, Johansson, Huston, and Biel; and bon appétit!

Even attempting a biopic of the most skilled filmmaker in the history of cinema is a daunting task. Complicate it further with his infamous quips, iconic visage, famous friends and you might see the nearly impossible task of attempting such a creation. But, if you could get it right? Think of the immeasurable payoff of silver screen delights.

As the great biopics have figured out, the key to successfully unraveling a historic figure is capturing them in a moment and allowing that moment to elaborate on the rest. The Queen focused on Diana’s death, Capote on his penultimate classic In Cold Blood and for Hitchcock they selected the dramatic events around the creation of his masterpiece Psycho. With so much at stake, it might be easy for things to go wrong but take a look at the first trailer and see just how right they may have gotten it.