OVERLOOKED: The Scariest Animated Film You've Never Seen

By: Daniel Villarreal

Slasher films and monster movies might do it for some horror fans, but for those who prefer their thrills with a little imagination and animation, Fears of the Dark is for you.

Through six different black-and-white animated shorts, the film explores different aspects of horror without ever resorting to cheap shocks or cliched conventions.

In one short, an insane man terrorizes the countryside with his pack of savage dogs. In another, a haunted home beguiles a stranded winter traveler. In yet another, a young girls tries to escape a cruel, endless nightmare involving a doctor and demonic classmates.

Not only will each story stay with you long after they end, but each short also features varied animation styles such as comic noir, anime, abstract computer animation and hauntingly rendered charcoal and pencil sketches.

If you're tired of predictable tales of ghouls and gore, try watching Fears of the Dark alone with the lights off. And if you're still not sure, check out the intriguing trailer below.