Bruce LaBruce's New Film Is About a Teen Boy's Old Man Fetish

By: Brandon Voss

Canadian filmmaker Bruce LaBruce describes his latest feature, Gerontophilia, as a love affair between "two old souls who, had they met each other somewhere else along the space/time continuum, might have become the perfect couple."

What, no naked terrorists, dead hustlers, or flesh-eating porn stars? Has the edgy gay director of queer flicks like The Raspberry Reich, Hustler White, and L.A. Zombie gone all mainstream rom-com on us?

Not so fast. Gerontophilia is actually about Lake (Pier-Gabriel Lajoie), an 18-year-old boy who, after discovering he has an sexual fetish for the aged, takes a job in a nursing home and develops an intimate relationship with an 80-year-old man named Mr. Peabody (Walter Borden).

"The quick pitch for the movie is Harold and Maude meets One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, but it’s not meant to be a glib pair of comparisons," writes LaBruce in his Director's Statement. "Hal Ashby’s Harold and Maude, about the love affair between a young man and an elderly woman, sets a tone between black comedy and romantic realism that Gerontophilia will also aspire to, although in a very different manner. Of course one of the twists of Gerontophilia is that the young man, who is not gay (or if he is, doesn’t know it yet) and has a girlfriend, also has a sexual attraction to old men... Lake is very much afflicted with 'gerontophilia' — a sexual fetish for old people, and in his case, with old men in particular."

Can't wait to see how it ends? LaBruce is currently requesting donations to cover post-production costs on Indiegogo.