FIRST LOOK: Being Gay Ain't Easy in the Small Town of 'Pit Stop'

By: Daniel Villarreal

We included "unstoppable filmmaker" Yen Tan in our list of 13 to Watch in 2013, partially because his film Pit Stop is debuting at this year's Sundance Film Festival.

Well, we got our hot little hands on a scene from Pit Stop that shows just what Tan's known for — understated scenes that, while lacking the steam and fireworks of other gay films, still tingle with realistic emotion and drama.

In the clip below, Shannon (Amy Seimetz) comes home to her gay ex-husband Gabe (Bill Heck) after finishing a date at a restaurant where she and Gabe once celebrated their anniversary — awkward! Gabe still loves Shannon and their daughter, but what does Shannon think about his idea of moving back in?

Take a second to watch the clip and let it soak in. While it may not be the flashy, jokey fare you're used to seeing in gay movies, it's a different flavor that's still bold and satisfying in a fresh way.