A Decade of Gay Film Squeezed Into One Handy Rainbow Graphic

By: Daniel Villarreal

You already know all the tawdry gay secrets about this year's Academy Awards.

But perhaps you'd like to know which gay films and roles that have been nominated for Oscars, Screen Actors Guild awards and Golden Globes over the past decade. If so, we've got your hook-up below.

The blog Farsite Forecast put together this rainbow-colored infographic listing all of the last decade's gay nominees.

And while it's an impressive creation, it made us realize that no gay films or roles are up for awards this year. That's too bad, because it means that on Oscar Night that we'll have to root for the actors that we wish were gay rather than any current films and characters that actually are.

You can cllick on the image below for a larger reader-friendly view.