Top Guns: 10 Military Movies That Sparked Our Gay Fantasies

By: Editors


Leave it to a movie named Commando (a term that refers to not wearing underwear) to have the most symbolically homoerotic fight scene of any war movie ever.

The entire movie is about a rogue mercenary who singlehandedly fights a shadowy military junta with the hopes of saving a small girl — awww!

In the final fight scene (which you can watch below) former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger goes hand-to-hand with the movie's villain, a bearish guy dressed like an '80s-era hair rocker. Schwarzenegger fights shirtless while the two men try to stab one another. At one point they dry hump one another for the top position.

But the death scene is really where the full-blown homo-imagery comes into force. That's when the aforementioned hair rocker ends up impaled on a big pipe that starts shooting out hot white steam as he gasps his last breaths. It's so campy that it makes sense why they call this film an action-comedy.