Top Guns: 10 Military Movies That Sparked Our Gay Fantasies

By: Editors


The other films in this list straddle a line of homoeroticism that leaves us wondering whether their directors made them intentionally gay or inadvertently so. But that's not the case with Tigerland.

Tigerland focuses on the friendship between adorkable writer Jim Paxton (played by Matthew Davis) and the scrappy anti-war draftee Roland Bozz (played by Colin Farrell). The two men basically spend the film staving off a psychopathic bigot named Private Wilson, a guy who bullies the weak and resents Bozz for his uncanny ability to get people honorably discharged via loopholes.
Throughout the film, Bozz radiates a strong homo-vibe as his compassion for his fellow soldiers reveals an underlying tenderness and charisma that is both subversive and titillating.
Sadly the movie doesn't go much past hinting at his possible same-sex attraction, but it is nice to watch Farrell as he charms and muscles his way through the brood of desperate men into destruction's arms.