But What Brent Corrigan Really Wants to Do Is Direct

By: Brandon Voss

Better known and boned as power-twink Brent Corrigan, his nom-de-porn, Sean Paul Lockhart has branched out into mainstream film with appearances in popular indies like Judas Kiss and Chillerama. But not only is Mr. Lockhart starring in his latest project, he's also making his debut as a mainstream theatrical director.

The film in question is Triple Crossed, which is currently in production by Babaloo Studios and scheduled for a "mid 2013" release. According to the film's website, the working tagline for Triple Crossed is "Don't Ask, Don't Tell Has an All New Meaning..." So what's it about? Don't ask, because we can't tell you.

Lockhart has many wonderul physical assets, but is an eye for filmmaking one of them?

For more on his mainstream film goals, read our 2011 interview with Lockhart here.