Why We're So Excited for the New Almodovar

By: Brandon Voss

A 30-second teaser has been out for a few months, but now there's a minute-and-a-half trailer for I'm So Excited, a new candy-colored comedy from the mind of Pedro Almodóvar, the gay Spanish filmmaker behind queer-friendly fare like All About My Mother, Bad Education, and The Skin I Live In.

Out March 8 in Spain and June 28 in the U.S., the farcicial flim takes place in an airplane that encounters technical failure that forces the pilots and crew to set aside their own issues in order to comfort their passengers. The trailer shows some mile-high action and three flamboyant flight attendants lip-synching to the Pointer Sisters, but just how gay and sexy is I'm So Excited?

"There are dialogues that are a little embarrassing to listen to. Even for me. And I wrote them," says Almodóvar in an interview with Spanish daily El Mundo. "Men don't usually speak so openly about sex as the characters. I think the male viewers are going to have more problems than the women. Because we men are more hypocritical — regardless of homosexual or heterosexual."

The director also says that I'm So Excited will "affect a lot of bisexuals" — huh? — but only shows heterosexual sex: "It's much more fun to talk about sex that to do it. And that's from someone who has shot some of the most explicit scenes. You can see it in people's eyes."

But if his film stirs up any controversy, Almodóvar's excited about that too: "Controversy means people are alive. In any case, nowadays controversy means something else. A lot of taboos have changed."

Watch the new I'm So Excited trailer below.