WATCH: Lovesickness Is Bad for Your Sex Life

By: Daniel Villarreal

Meet Paul. He just cheated on his boyfriend Brad and, as a result, Brad dumped his ass.

But Paul still loves his ex-boyfriend… so much, in fact, that he can't sleep… with other men — most notably, the hot yoga practitioner he brought home last night.

In Michael Simon's romantic comedy The Love Patient, Paul's lovesickness over his ex drives him and other men crazy. So crazy that Paul eventually decides to fake cancer just to win his ex-boyfriend back.

But back to that yoga stud. He knows that he's a hot piece and he'd love to treat Paul to some morning delight, but Paul's many pictures of his ex are definitely killing the mood.

The film — which you can watch this month on HereTV — will delight anyone who has ever been hung up on a past lover. In the meanwhile, you can enjoy watching Paul and his eager man-candy turning up the heat below.