WATCH: First Trailer for James Franco's Gay Biopic 'Sal'

By: Brandon Voss

Another day, another James Franco film. And if he can't be gay, at least he can make movies about gay celebrities.

Sal follows the final hours in the life of '50s teen idol and Oscar-nominated actor Sal Mineo, who rose to fame opposite James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause and was murdered at age 37.

James Franco, who once starred as James Dean in a TV movie, co-wrote, directed, and co-stars in the biopic, which was adapted from Michael Gregg Michaud's definitive biography of the late actor. Interior. Leather Bar.'s handsome Val Lauren stars as Sal Mineo.

Sal premieres Oct. 22 on-demand before debuting Nov. 1 in select theaters.

Check out the new trailer below and then see the sexy set photos here.