WATCH: Jared Leto on Waxing Body for 'Dallas Buyers Club'

By: Brandon Voss

Jared Leto appeared on Conan to discuss his role in Dallas Buyers Club, Jean Marc-Vallée's buzzworthy drama about the early days of the AIDS epidemic, which opens Nov. 1 in select theaters.

The film stars Matthew McConaughey as homophobic Texas party boy Ron Woodroof, who was diagnosed as HIV-positive in 1986 and illegally smuggled alternative treatments into the U.S., but folks are already talking Oscar for Jared, who lost about 30 pounds for his role as a HIV-positive transgender drug addict named Rayon.

"I really fell in love with her," the My So Called Life alum tells Conan O'Brien about his character. "She’s the most amazing person. Full of live and charm and grace and also addicted to drugs and dying of AIDS. It’s an absolutely beautiful story."

As for his physical transformation, Jared says, "It was intense. I mean I lost between 30 and 40 pounds, was wearing high heels every day and as you can see, tons of other things as well. I waxed my entire body. My eyebrows included. But it was kind of nice. It was a period piece so I didn't have to do Brazilian, you know?"

When Conan points out that the film takes place in 1986, Jared quips, "Not exactly a '70s bush."

Check out the Conan clip below.