Was Ron Woodroof of 'Dallas Buyers Club' Bisexual?

By: Colby Scott

It turns out the antihero of the critically acclaimed Dallas Buyers Club, played by Matthew McConaughey, may have been openly bisexual, although it's not portrayed in the movie that way.

Craig Borten, the film's original screenwriter, has said that Ron Woodroof was “as racist and homophobic as they come.” But in a story in Slate, it appears that the man “was not a homophobe … according to those who knew him, but rather openly bisexual.”

Dr. Steven Pounders, who was Woodroof’s primary care physician stated: “I never witnessed any homophobia in the time I knew him from 1988 through his death in 1992... He fit right in the gay environment without problems.” Was Woodroof straight? “Brenda, his ex-wife, stated that he was bisexual."