WATCH: Scott Sell Is 'The Last Straight Man'

By: Colby Scott

In The Last Straight Man, Scott Sell makes his feature film debut as Cooper, an engaged straight man who happens to find himself in bed with his best gay friend (Mark Cirillo) after a night of drinking.

The story plays out like a gay One Day with the two characters meeting up in the same hotel room on the same day each year to catch up on each other's lives as well as explore their sexuality.

Check out Cooper, the man who finds himself in bed with Lewis over the next twelve years, in all his shirtless glory. (It's no wonder Lewis was willing to engage in these annual hook-ups).

Get a first look below and then watch the trailer at the bottom of the page.

Watch the red band trailer, which titillates with the promise of sex and (possibly) love:

An official release date has not been announced, but the film will make the rounds at festivals in 2014.