The Gayer Side of Crime Fighting in 'Hot Guys With Guns'

By: Diane Anderson-Minshall

Doug Spearman wanted his new film to feel like Lethal Weapon — if Danny Glover and Mel Gibson were better looking and ex-boyfriends. Hot Guys With Guns is indeed a worthy gay action-comedy-thriller that mixes '40s noir with '80s buddy action comedies.

It follows Danny Lohman, an an actor who learns to be a private investigator in order to get a part. But after learning about a crime wave targeting Hollywood's elite (including Pip, Danny's spoiled, trust-fund ex), Danny, Pip, and Danny's investigator mentor Jimmy team up to solve the case, facing danger and drama along the way.

It's a fun ride with some great insider humor and nods to film and theater history. (His name is Lohman; get the nod to the famous salesman?) Even better, it's a real rarity: a gay action movie you'll want to watch more than once.

Watch the trailer below.

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