Trans Model Andrej Pejic Cast in Sofia Coppola's 'Little Mermaid' Movie

By: Les Fabian Brathwaite

Supermodel of the world Andrej Pejic has been cast in Sofia Coppola's live-action remake of The Little Mermaid. Well, let's back up for a second. 

A. Sofia Coppola is making a live-action remake of The Little Mermaid. This continues Disney's latest trend of dusting off its classics and ruining/enhancing them with real, human actors — and Angelina Jolie. This, fish tale, however, will stay true to the Hans Christian Anderson story.

B. Pejic, an adrogynous model who's made her name on both men's and women's runways, is the first cast member signed to the project. She will be playing "Sister #4" -- though she'll always be #1 in my heart.

Pejic doesn't particularly identify as trans but she prefers to be referred to in the feminie pronoun. Meanwhile, IndieWire called out The Daily Mail for its willfull ignorance of Pejic's pronoun preference, with an article entitled, "The Little Merman!" Classy as always.

C. With Sofia Coppola behind the wheel and Pejic under the sea, this Little Mermaid promises to serve more fish than a Sunday brunch at Ursula's.


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