WATCH: Daniel Radcliffe Grows a Pair in 'Horns'

By: Alex Panisch

It’s safe to say that Daniel Radcliffe has stepped out of Harry Potter’s shadow. From a horse-blinding teenager in Equus to gay beat poet Allen Ginsburg in Kill Your Darlings, Radcliffe has shown us time and again that he’s more than a boy wizard. Now the young actor is taking the lead in Horns, a film based on the 2010 bestseller by Joe Hill.

Radcliffe will play Ig, a man who finds himself the prime suspect after his girlfriend (played by Juno Temple) is brutally murdered. A year later, Ig wakes up with a pair of horns and strange new powers. Taking on his role as the Devil incarnate with gusto, he picks up a pitchfork and causes havoc. Max Minghella, Kelli Garner, and Heather Graham co-star. 

Horns fittingly opens in theatres on October 31. 

h/t The Hollywood Reporter