Arnold, Jet Li Play Gay in 'Expendables 3'

By: Ross von Metzke

What might come across to some as a mildly homophobic joke in the latest installment of the Expendables series is actually confirmation that the characters played by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jet Li are gay, according to the film’s director.

In Expendables 3, the two actors are seen getting cozy at a bar at the end of the film. Barney Ross (Silvester Stallone) jokes to Trench (Schwarzenegger) and Yin Yang (Li): “You guys want to get a room?”

“We don’t need a room,” Trench replies.

In an interview with Grantland, director Patrick Hughes confirmed that he believes the to characters are together at the end of the film.

According to the blog, he followed that confirmation with a look “like he just got away with something amazing.”

Read the rest of the interview here. Expendables 3 is in theaters now.

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