Adam Lambert: "No one teaches you how to be a gay celebrity"

By: Michael Matson

In the November issue of The Advocate, pop star Adam Lambert tells editor-in-chief Matthew Breen that he wasn’t defined by his sexuality before appearing on American Idol, and struggles with being identified first and foremost as gay by the media, as well as, any perception of him as a role model. “I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing sometimes,” he says. “No one teaches you how to be a gay celebrity.”

Breen writes that Lambert is “of two minds when it comes to gay visibility and his place in gay culture,” first noting Lambert’s increased involvement in organizations including The Trevor Project and Equality California. “When I was a kid I didn’t have that many people to look up to,” says Lambert. “And if I’d had people in the public eye who were really up-front about it, it probably would have helped me.” Still, the 29-year-old singer is looking for a balance, hoping to be thought of primarily as an artist and musician, worrying aloud, “What am I going to be known for in 15 years?”

“It’s been the weirdest battle with identifying as a gay man in mainstream culture,” he says. “I think The Advocate is an exception — I think a respected gay publication treats it differently — but in regular journalism they make such a big deal out of homosexuality! I’m starting to grow really fond of the post-gay concept.” But Lambert doesn’t have a problem embracing his fans, especially the gay ones.

“From what I can tell, there’s more of a gay presence internationally than domestically, which I found interesting. I feel like the [gay fans] that I meet are the ones that kind of feel weird.… I pick up this kind of energy among young people that it might not be the coolest thing to say you like Adam Lambert’s music. People don’t think that I’m cool. So I love that I have the kids who are like ballsy enough to be like, ‘Fuck it, I like Adam’s music.’ I mean, I am kind of a nerd. I feel like there’s a collective eye-roll when it comes to me, in the media and just in general consciousness — with the exception of my amazing Glamberts, my hard-core fans who are the opposite.”

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