Rapper Fat Joe Says It's Okay to Be Gay

By: Joe Thompson

For those of you who don't know (and honestly, we didn't), Fat Joe is a big-time gangster rapper, CEO of Terror Squad Entertainment, and member of the groups D.I.T.C. and Terror Squad. When it comes to the industry, he's the real deal. So it was kind of amazing when this video interview popped up on VLADTV (via Guanabee).

The questions starts when Vlad asks Fat Joe about rap producer Deejay Calvin “Mister Cee” Laburn, was picked up by NYPD for allegedly having sex in public— with a male transvestite. Fat Joe basically says he doesn't care; that's Mister Cee's life and not his business. This leads to a question about gays being in the hip-hop music industry, and he says he's sure that he's worked with some in the past. He then blows off the whole thing as being not a big thing, pointing out that there are gays everywhere. He says (and forgive us for the swearing and all that, but...):

"Niggas is gay. There's millions of gay people in the world. Girls too... I'm a fan of 'Yo, I'm gay. The fuck.' Like, 2011 you gotta hide that you're gay? Like, you know what I'm saying, like, be real, like 'Yo I'm gay, what the fuck.' If you gay you gay. Like that's your preference, you know? Fuck it if the people don't like it."

Then, talking about the hip-hop industry, he says, "The hip-hop community is most likely owned by gay." He then gets into his belief of there being a gay mafia in hip-hop.

No word yet if they wear pink or purple. Check out the video and get the whole story.