Justin Bieber's Macy's Black Friday Commercial Is the Gayest Thing Ever

By: Rick Andreoli

And not just because he (still) looks like a lesbian.

The Beebs (a.k.a. J-Beebs, Justin, JB, Biebs, Bieber, and countless others we don't know because we don't actually follow Justin Bieber that closely) just premiered in this new commercial for Macy's special Black Friday event; however, unlike all the other "get up at 2am and wait in the freezing cold for a sale item you may or may not actually get once you're inside" ads you're seeing right now on TV, this one is super funny. The humor involves screaming. It's also about a super great cause.

So what, you ask, is the point? It's 30-seconds so you'll figure out the story on your own, but the bottom line is that if you go to Macy's and pick up Justin's Someday Gift Set (while supplies last), Macy's will donate $2 to The Make-a-Wish Foundation, with a total donation value of up to $100,000. As that's a pretty cool thing, we thought we'd share it with you here.

Check it out. And if you're still looking for something to do, visit Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber. It's loads of fun.