WATCH: New Scissor Sisters 'Shady Love' Video

By: Joe Thompson

Towleroad tipped us off to the new Scissor Sisters video that was released yesterday. It's for their upcoming album and the track is called "Shady Love." It's labeled as "Scissor Sisters Vs. Krystal Pepsy," who is actually Azealia Banks, a 20-year-old rapper and lyricist from Harlem, New York. This brings a new sound for the group, which Towleroad described as, "leaning closer to dancehall than the straight-up dance jams with which we've grown familiar."

Is that good or bad?

Well, it doesn't feature Jake or the crew running around shirtless, in leather, or jockstraps. But Pop Justice did simply show the artwork with the words, "And the first great single of 2012 is this one."
Likewise, Nick Levine from NME said:

...'Shady Love' pulls off a pretty nifty trick: it sounds like no other Scissor Sisters track, but still sounds unmistakably like Scissor Sisters. Respect.

It borrows from electro, house and disco, winking at both ABBA and Calvin Harris, and it's got some Latin freestyle junk in its trunk. First you'll think "WTF?!" Then you'll think "Hmm…" And finally you'll be too busy shaking your booty like Beyoncé at Glastonbury to think about goddamn anything. If not, you deserve to be locked in a padded cell and forced to listen to Little Mix's 'Cannonball' for all of eternity.

Check it out and let us know what you think.