WATCH: Jennifer Hudson Tribute to Whitney Houston at 2012 Grammy Awards

By: Joe Thompson

Perhaps you tuned in and saw Jennifer Hudson's rendition of Whitney Houston's classic song "I Will Always Love You" last night on the Grammy Awards; no doubt this will be the one of the top-rated broadcasts in recent memory. And even if sitting through awards shows isn't your thing, it was still hard to escape because every radio and news show this morning was all about that moment (and Adele singing "Rolling in the Deep," but we'll be posting about that a little later this morning).

Unlike other tributes, such as the ones for Michael Jackson, where it became more about the person speaking and less about the artist who'd passed, Hudson did a magnificent job. Simply dressed, without crazy dramatics, she simply honored Houston in the best way possible—in song. It's definitely a performace worth watching, and worth watching again. So here it is, one of the most memorable tributes in recent memory.

Image: Kevin Winter, Getty Images