Whitney Houston's First Gay Press Interview

By: Rick Andreoli

Back in May 2000, Out magazine published this cover story on Whitney Houston. David LaChapelle shot the cover and interior photographs, and writer Barry Walters interviewed the superstar. Ironically, the interview took place before Houston attended two major events: the Grammy Awards ceremony where she would collect a Best Female R&B Vocal Performance for “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay,” and Clive Davis’ pre-Grammys bash, the annual dinner party thrown by her music-biz father figure— the same party that she was scheduled to attend this year before dying in her hotel room.

But the big focus on this article was on the lesbian rumors that had persisted throughout Houston's career. Walters suggested that her lack of public interviews caused rumors to run wild, and soon people were suggesting that the diva was a dyke.

“I suppose it comes from knowing people…who are," Houston said in the story. "I don’t care who you sleep with. If I’m your friend, I’m your friend. I have friends who are in the community. And I’m sure that in my days of bein’ out, hanging with my friends, having nothing but females around me, something’s gotta be wrong with that.” When pressed, her eyes are described as "blazing" as she added, “But that ain’t me. I know what I am. I’m a mother. I’m a woman. I’m heterosexual. Period.”

“But I love everybody," Houston continued. "If I was gay, I would be proud to tell you, ‘cause I ain’t that kind of girl to say, 'Naw, that ain’t me.’ The thing that hurt me the most was that they tried to pin something on me that I was not. My mother raised me to never, ever be ashamed of what I am. But I’m not a lesbian, darling. I’m not [laughs.”

With Houston's passing there is much in this interview that reminds one of who Houston was at her prime and where she would go in the years between 2000 and her death. Bobby Brown makes a cameo (which is both creepy and fascinating), Bobbi Kristina is mentioned, and seeing how she interacts with the then-new group named Destiny's Child shows another side of the multi-faceted woman few ever saw. Whether or not you were a Whitney Houston fan, this is definitely one profile worth reading.

Read the full article on Out.com.